BossArts Testimonials

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I had a lovely time at your salon a few weeks ago. The staff was very professional and I found Krystal to be excellent. You can tell she is very experienced at what she does because she was asking me questions I hadn't even thought of (for my updo consultation for my wedding). She also gave me a lovely hair cut and although it was not a big change many people noticed that I got my hair cut and gave me lots of compliments!

I look forward to visiting you guys on my wedding day for hair and makeup, I have 100% confidence that it will be amazing

Kara S.

I had an appointment on Friday September 25th with Andreja. I have to say, it was a wonderful experience. This was my second time at Bossarts. The first time I was there with my sister in law for a wedding up do. Since I had a great experience the first time, I decided to come back for a full color and cut. I had a few ideas of what I wanted done to my hair and Andreja knew exactly what I was looking for. I absolutely love the color she chose and I was more than satisfied with the cut. While I waited for the color to set, Andreja offered me a lovely hand soak, something I have never experience before and that really elevated my experience. I left the salon feeling beautiful, relaxed and happy.


I had a great experience at BossArts. My stylist was Alix, I felt very at ease with her. Having my hair washed laying down was extremely comfortable for me, for I have a bad hip & neck so I was not nervous at all. That is a great idea to have that option. I would absolutely recommend your Salon to other people.
Thank you to Alix again for being patient with me, I was late for the appointment, I was just a little lost finding the salon. I will be back again.


I am very particular when it comes to my hair and don't trust many people - that being said I felt completly comfortable getting a new haircut and trying new things! They are qualified, talented and experienced. They ask questions which I find is important! Love love love this place:)


I had my third experience at BossArts this afternoon. For the third time, I've come away absolutely THRILLED with my haircut, looking and feeling like a whole new me. Leah does an AMAZING job. She listens to what I want (and does it better), takes her time and makes me feel comfortable and confident in my hair choices - no matter how much I'm having chopped off 😉 . I would (and do) recommend her to anyone looking for a new do. I used to be afraid to try 'new' things with my hair - I kept it long and relatively uniform - I always played it safe; until I found BossArts. Thanks Leah; I can't wait until next time!


I had my first appointment yesterday with Krystal for a cut since i was donating my hair, i was really nervous she was really nice and talk to me through the whole process explaining and answering my questions. After i got my hair cut she also gave me some tips on have to manage my new hairstyle and how to take care of it. Love it. I can't wait to go back


I tried BossArts for the first time on January 7th. I didn't request a specific stylist, but did book with an intermediate stylist and was given Alix. I have to say, she was great. She made me feel comfortable, and did a great job on my hair. And I got the student discount, which always helps. I will definitely be back.


I came to Boss Arts after reading very good reviews online and I was not disappointed. I have to say I am very very satisfied with the service I received yesterday - from start to end. Everything was very good - hair treatment, customer service, ambiance - everything! This is a place I will recommend. Your prices are also very good considering the awesome service I got. Thank you to Rick for the amazing colouring - I love it! I will most definitely be coming back!


I had my first appointment yesterday with Andreja for a colour and full head of highlights and she did an amazing job, Krystal gave me the best ever blow-dry I still can't believe how much volume she created for my hair. Love it. Will definitely be back


BossArt was recommended to by a friend who just wanted me to fix my un-kept hair.

BILL was my stylist, and I can honestly say I have never been THIS happy with the outcome of a hair cut.

I really had no idea what I wanted to do with my thick coarse hair, Bill made excellent suggestions; making sure to explain the whole process.

Allie added the finishing touches by straightening my hair, I don\'t think my hair has ever felt this silky and soft!

Overall I had an amazing experience, I hope to frequent the salon, EXCELLENT service!


I am really enjoying my haircut by Krystal. I think the best part about your salon is your sincere value for customer service. From the first phone call I made to book my appointment to the completion of my haircut, I felt like someone who mattered to you guys. I think the most pleasantly surprising part of my haircut was the bed that Krystal had be lie down on to wash my hair! All in all, this was a wonderful experience and I am definitely coming back.

Irshaad H

I happened to find BossArts online, and thought I\'d give it a shot. Krystal was my stylist and I had an excellent experience with her. She was meticulous, and I could tell she loved what she was doing. She even went through the time and styled my hair as a bonus!
I\'ve already recommended her to my best friend, and am already looking forward to my next cut. Although I have curly hair, I think Krystal did a great job with it.

My only disappointment is that I didn\'t come across you guys sooner!


I am so happy with the whole experience! Jessica is great and she was a perfect match to work with my hair. I am so happy with the cut. My hair hasn\'t curled this nicely is so long. The dry cut concept is brilliant and I am so surprised that more stylists aren\'t doing this. Growing my hair out from a pixie has been a long process with awkward moments, but Jessica gave me a simple yet still stylish cut without losing any length. I have found my new salon and stylist and couldn\'t be more pleased.
On another note, the salon itself is beautiful, all the staff are friendly and professional. You all try very hard to make sure people are comfortable and that goes a long way. A very well run business.
Thanks again

Caroline Y

I had a wonderful experience at BossArts! As soon as I came in I was greeted by a super friendly and sweet receptionist, offered a drink ( I totally took her up on the wine!) and she took my coat. I had my eyebrows waxed with Quentin, who is so comfortable to be around and nice. She did an awesome job and for the first time in my life my skin was not super red and blotchy for 12 hrs after! Krystal took me almost right in for my hair appointment afterwards and gave me such a thorough consultation. She definitely wanted to make sure she understood exactly what I wanted and was very honest about what my hair needed. I also really appreciate that she left a lot of length even though my hair was in bad shape and she could have taken more off. She definitely got that I wanted it long but healthier. She spent a ton of time cutting my hair and gave me some awesome styling tips and also let me know about different style/colour options I could try in the future which was great. The products and massage were amazing and I can not stop touching and looking at my hair today, I just love it.

When I was leaving there was a different receptionist and she was also super nice, she told me to take my time to finish my wine and let her know if I had any questions about the products. Not pushy at all but certainly helpful.

The decor, smell, and general feeling of the spa and salon was lovely. I love that the two are separate and am really looking forward to booking a longer spa service in the near future. I will certainly re-book services with both Quentin and Krystal as I really appreciated their skill, the time they took with me, and their professionalism. Also, I really want to give a lot of credit to the front desk staff as they were all so pleasant, helpful, and friendly, both on the phone and in person.

I\'ve just had a lot of unpleasant spa/salon experiences and am so happy to have found such an awesome place. Thanks so much for a great evening, and I can\'t wait to come back!

Heather T

I had such a great time at BossArts! I really liked the fact that it was a whole experience and not only a hair cut and blow dry.

The prices (in my opinion) are fantastic! I was expecting to pay a lot more for the services I got.
Furthermore, Bill really listened to what I wanted and made it happen. Andreja blow dried my hair amazingly and gave me advice on some colour I can put in my hair which I cannot wait to try! I will definitely be back to see her!

Katherine M

I had my hair cut by Andreja yesterday. I just wanted to share the excellent experience I had with her yesterday.

I have been struggling with dandruff my entire life, and have tried many remedies and seen many doctors to try and help me. In the past, I have seen hairdressers who seem disgusted by this, usually telling me that \"I should get that checked\" (like I haven\'t tried). Yesterday, Andreja was phenomenal. She washed my hair several times, used oil to moisturise and remove the dandruff from my scalp- and it worked!!! She was patient and kind in her approach and I was so impressed with her determination to try and solve this problem for me (which she did). I was so happy I could have cried.

Marissa K

Wonderful welcome. Your stylist Krystal was able to take me right away. I just walked into the salon without an appointment looking for someone to style my short hair. After taking my coat, Krystal asked if I would like a complimentary scalp and neck massage. Who wouldn\'t! Then the shampoo chair/bed was amazing. Best of all was the beautiful and sleek style that Krystal did with my coarse and wild hair.

Loved the entire experience. Would go back if I am ever in Ottawa again.

Lorraine C

I will surely recommend BossArt to my friends. I appreciated the excellent skills, products, punctuality, efficiency....everything!

Francesca F

My first visit to the salon last night was great. Quentin did a great job on my waxings, and she had a very pleasant personality.

I was very happy with the service I received from Andreja. She was very pleasant and understanding and made me feel comfortable from our consultation. I was very happy with the haircut, she did a fantastic job and gave me some great tips for at home and possible color options for later on.

Overall, great experience, the lady at the desk was also very nice and welcoming. I\'ll be back.

Sarah B

The experience was very enjoyable, from the moment I was greeted to the moment I left the salon. Thanks again.


I had a great experience with BossArts and I plan to return. The salon is warm and welcoming, bright and nicely decorated. Jessica did a great job with my haircut and I really enjoyed the aromatherapy scalp massage. Plus, I really like the Aveda products.

I\'ll be back!

Kevin D

I was very pleased with my first visit to BossArts, and I will come again. The atmosphere was relaxed and not snobbish, Bill took the time to think of what needed changing in my hairstyle, and it was all done very professionally.

Dominique B

Everything was very nice, no complaints at all. I like my hair and you definitely get what you pay for!

Liam C

My massage was amazing and my manicure and pedicure were great. I was surprised to have two male technicians but they were both great. I had a wonderful experience and would return.

Heather V

I simply wanted to thank your staff for the excellent service I received yesterday evening.

I had a bad experience with a scalp treatment that left my hair a giant mess of grease that daily shampoos were not helping, and the product had been stuck in my head for 4 days. The girl that helped me, Alicia, recommended the most amazing shampoo that cleared up the product build-up completely, and even provided me with a Restorative Treatment sample to use after the product would be out of my hair, which was really appreciated and went beyond my service expectations. Give Alicia my many thanks!

I will definitely be back, thanks to that excellent service; it is really appreciated when staff know what products works for what situation instead of selling you something just for the sake of making a sale. She also gave me a brochure for hair services; I was pleasantly surprised to find a salon that offers amazing services like dry cuts for curly hair!

Thanks again, and see you soon!

Isabelle C

I was delighted to discover a salon that has stylists specially trained to cut curly hair! The staff were courteous and welcoming upon my arrival, and I found the ambience of the salon comfortable, with appropriate music, lighting, and décor. My stylist, Alix, was friendly and knowledgeable and explained the cutting technique and products used. I am pleased with the result and will be able to live happily with my hair until the next cut!
Overall, my first experience at BossArts was a positive one and I look forward to returning. I will also recommend the salon to others!
Thank you!


I really enjoyed my visit to BossArts and am VERY pleased with my haircut by Andreja. I think it is one of the best I\'ve gotten since I started wearing my hair curly 6 years ago and I really appreciated that she really listened to what I wanted, discussed it with me and then gave me a great cut. I will request her for my next appointment for sure!

Jessica N

My service was excellent. Both Carla and Krystal were awesome. My hair and makeup looked amazing for the night. It\'s too bad I don\'t live in Ottawa because I would make it my regular salon spot!

Thanks again!

Tracy T

In general, my experience at BossArts was great! It was the perfect balance between relaxing and efficient (time-wise); and I found the staff both professional and friendly. The online-booking tool is excellent too!
I loved Sonia’s work on my hair (colour and cut), she is really good at making suggestions and listening to my ideas/thoughts, very approachable and you could tell that she’s an expert.

Keep up the excellent job!

Angela V

I just want to say how nice Jessica is, and your whole staff, in fact. However, Jessica was just the girl for me...she gave me confidence every step of the way, as I was having a complete colour change plus many inches of hair removed so it was big, and she understood it was very important to me to get it right as I was having a photo shoot in two days.
I will be back, and I will absolutely book Jessica again.
The lie down chairs...never seen anything like it in my 38 years of salon experience, since the Dorothy Hamill haircut, lol! Those chairs are the BEST!

Sharon H

My stylist was Andreja and she was delightful and very knowledgeable. She knew exactly what I wanted, and even though the colour I wanted wasn\'t achieved on the first visit(which I was aware of before hand because red is hard to bleach white) she did her best to make it look as close to what I wanted as possible. She also explained what she was doing and why, which was very helpful, and the cut looked great! I\'ll definitely be back again

Megan H

I was very happy with the styling and rapport I had with Bill. Looking forward to my next appointment in 4 weeks.

David L

I enjoyed my experience at your salon. The people at the reception are very polite and respectful. Rick was assigned to me. He was very considerate, listening to my concerns, professional and he knew what he was doing. Rick, he was great! I will return to your salon and I would recommend it to my friends.


The main thing that drew me to BossArts was your prices. $40 for a women\'s haircut was exactly what I was looking to pay, and I was having trouble finding anything under $60 here in Ottawa. The fact that this price included a wash and style was amazing! And an aromatherapy scalp massage? Bonus. I knew I had chosen the right salon when, upon arriving, I was offered a complimentary beverage.. and the choices included wine! Music, punctuality, and staff attitude were great. I\'ll definitely be back 🙂

Alexa S

I loved my experience! It was a consultation for a bridal updo. I loved the staff at the desk, they were really pleasant and made me feel welcome, and the offer of not only coffee and tea but wine is a nice touch. Also SO appreciated stamping my parking pass at the Marriott. That\'s convenient and useful because it was pouring with rain after my appointment and I was able to stay inside to get to my car.

My stylist Krystal was also perfect. Right on time, so nice and welcoming, so passionate about her work, and listened to what I wanted so well. At the end I asked for a small change and she totally understood again and created exactly what I was asking for.
Thanks and looking forward to returning to BossArts. I feel confident in your hands on my wedding day!


I wanted a change in hairstyle after many years. I researched various down town locations, and decided on BossArts. The salon has been recently renovated and all the staff were very friendly. I made the appointment with Alix and am very pleased with the outcome. My hair is short and I wanted to go shorter, but have a modern style. Since it was the initial visit, I did bring a picture, but she also listened to my concerns and worked with my hair to give me exactly the cut I was looking for.

Thank you, Alix. I will definitely be back!

Susan V

After lots and lots of research for a great curly cut, I booked an appointment with Alix....she is AMAZING! I\\\'ve had more than my fair share of horrid \\\'curly cuts\\\' in other salons in Ottawa and Montreal...I\\\'m so happy I found BossArts. My hair has never looked this fantastic! I would barely ever wear my hair curly because it always looked too frizzy and limp, and now I feel like a movie star! I can\\\'t see myself ever straightening my hair again. Alix showed me step by step how to re-create natural curls in quick and easy way.
The salon was very relaxing even with renovations going on. I was pleasantly greeted the second I walked through the door and offered a beverage, and when I booked my appointment over the phone Virginia was so helpful and knowledgeable! Definitely the best salon I\'ve been to in Ottawa! Thanks so much! Erin

Erin Langille

Thank you so much, Rick, you've been doing such a great job with my hair for 2 years now! I know I can be a bit picky when it come to my hair, but I completely trust you with it. Somehow you always manage to keep my cut looking very feminine, not an easy task with super short hair. You're the boss!!!!!


I googled great salons in Ottawa and you guys had the most reviews and the best reviews. I requested an appointment on line and I received a response in minutes. That was fantastic. I was able to get an appointment that day which I was shocked about. When I arrived I was offered a beverage and so happy that you had wine…even more awesome. The hair technician that I had, Alix, was fantastic, she was sociable, friendly and asked great questions! If you were being rated out of 10 I would give you guys a 12.

I have had a ton of hairdressers and I think Alix and I will together for a long time

Thank you so much for the great service!!

Deidre VL

Alix gave me a fabulous cut for the first time well over a year ago. I was extremely pleased with her work but I felt I had to stick to my old hairstylist (who's also a good friend of mine). She does hair 'on the side', doesn't charge much but the last 2 visits I paid my friend for a cut, I left extremely dissatisfied. She's licensed and all and means well but I think she\\\'s been out of the field too long - and is now a little out of touch.

So a couple of weeks ago, I looked up Alix. To my ultimate surprised, she actually remembered me from well over a year ago -the only time she ever saw me. She didn't say so but I think the poor girl was mortified at my dual personality haircut (which I had aptly called Psycho Hair). She gave me good advice and tips and just 30 minutes later, I had a brand-new do that looked great and made me feel like a million bucks...just like that, after having endured 8 or so bad months of BAD HAIR DAYS. EVERY DAY.

Alix my dear, you're a gem!
I swear to pledge my allegiance to Thee from this day forth and shall never stray again! 😀
Thank you!


I was there for a massage. The person was very professional and personable. I enjoyed the massage and will be back for another in the near future.


It was my first time getting a haircut from BossArts and I have to say I loved it. I was greeted by a very nice receptionist, took my jacket, and offered me a drink. My stylist Alix Baker, was awesome. She took her time to cut my hair the way I wanted it. She also added her thoughts when we discussed about how I should cut my hair. I think getting some tips/ideas from the stylist is very helpful for a good haircut. Alix did my hair very carefully and skillfully. We had a nice chat while doing the hair. I loved the final look I got. Thank you Alix!!!


This was my first experience with Rick and BossArts and I have to say that switching hairdressers is always rather traumatic for me, probably because of some REALLY bad haircuts when I was young. Anyway, Rick put me right at ease and listened to what I wanted and I love my hairstyle. I have also had several compliments on my look!

Anna R.

I heard about BossArts from a colleague who has been going to the salon for years.

My overall experience at Boss Arts was great:
• I did not have to wait long to get served.
• The chairs were comfortable.
• The lounge chair for the wash was lovely.
• The scalp massage was amazing.
• Sonia was friendly and talkative, but not too talkative.
• The cut I got was great.

Jackie C

I went for my first visit at BossArts yesterday, from the moment I stepped in, I was greeted and welcomed. I met with Alix, and my visit was a great experience, tips for my hair and I put total confidence in her styling and it worked out great. I am happy with the cut and I am already talking about the salon to other people/colleagues who have curly hair. I will go back for sure.

Anik G

I had my hair done for my wedding reception on Saturday by Krystal. I just wanted to let her know that I loved the style and that my guests were paying compliments all night! She did a lovely job.
Thank you!

Erica L.

Thank you for your email. BossArts was recommended to me by my cousin who told me 'you'll never get a better haircut!', so of course I had to try. I'm new to Ottawa, and hadn't found a hairstylist....until now! Everyone was zoo friendly and courteous, which is hard to find in a city. Its normal for your own stylist to be polite, but as a rule, you get ignored by everyone else. Not at BossArts! From the moment I stepped in the door, I was faced with one friendly smile after another. I LOVE the aquarium too 🙂 I will definitely be back, Kim was awesome, as well as the young lady at reception.

Diana D.

"Thank you for the great job you did for me on Saturday! It turned out exactly like I wanted, and I got endless compliments!
Thank you again, I will definitely come by again next time I need my hair done in Ottawa!"

(updo with Krystal)


I had a great experience at BossArts. I have been living in Ottawa for the past 5 years and have had a string of bad experiences with different hair salons to the point where I would dread getting my hair cut. I was finally referred to BossArts by a colleague and I am quite happy with my hair cut. I thought Jessica, my hair stylist, was quite professional and non-judgemental. I asked her for her opinion, and she gave me her professional opinion without being critical or trying to push products to me. I was really happy with the advice she gave me and how reassuring she was the whole time. My hair was a mess because the last hair stylist had wrecked my hair. I have already noticed the difference the hair cut made. I would definitely be returning again. I have already recommended BossArts to several coworkers. In the future, I would not hesitate to use the other services provided by BossArts.


"I had my haircut with Bill Bossart a little over a week ago. Bill was excellent. It was my first cut with Bill and I liked that he took the time to understand my hair so that I could get the best cut for my hair. I could tell that he is passionate about his work which is great. He also gave me lots of helpful tips for how to use products and how to blow dry my hair. I also really liked how friendly Bill is and how he made me feel welcome from the moment I arrived."

Erin M

I got the best haircut ever and I enjoyed everything from the tea to those washbasins to the haircut. I will be coming back. Thank you Alix for the life-changing bobby pin trick!

Julie P