Salon Services

558New Growth Application5Over the years, BossArts has established a strong reputation as a casually professional hair salon. Spacious and bright, convenient location, friendly team, complimentary drinks: we make it easy and enjoyable to relax and indulge.

BossArts hair professionals work as a team, in everyone’s interest. For the staff, it means they can share experience and learn from each other, instead of competing. Team members who are newer to the industry are surrounded by mentors and get to grow daily as professionals. For clients, besides contributing to a friendlier atmosphere, it means that, on top of choosing a hair professional based on style, affinities, or language preference, they can also get services that match their budget, without having to sacrifice quality since more experienced stylists and colorists are always on hand for guidance.

Learning is part of our culture, and our team is always expanding its skills and knowledge, always keeping up with new techniques, styles, and products.


* Pricing below is subject to change and vary by stylist seniority 


Men’s Cut – From $40 – $60 (plus tax)

Washing of hair, cutting and styling after cut. Some additional charges may apply, if curling or straightening of hair. 

Women’s Cut – From $55 – $85 (plus tax)

Washing of hair, cutting and styling after cut. Some additional charges may apply, if curling or straightening of hair. 

Curly Creative Cut – From $65 – $120 (plus tax)

This 75 to 90 minute service is designed for the curly haired client and includes a consultation, a dry freehand cut, wash, and dry (natural).

Curly Maintain – From $55 – $75 (plus tax)

This 30 minute service is for the client who has had a curly creative cut and wants to maintain the existing style. A light trim on dry hair to reshape and fine-tune curls. 



Wash and Style – From $45 – $65 (plus tax)

Flat ironing or curling also available and may include additional charges.

Updo – From $50 – $120 (plus tax) *Possible additional charges

A glamorous transformation for any special occasion.



Customized Hair and Scalp Treatment – From $40 – $60 (plus tax) 



When available, we offer a complimentary hand fluff dry finish with our style assistants. Full style dry is available for an additional charge of $30 – $60 (plus tax)

New Growth Application – From $80 – $85 (plus tax)

Application of colour into roots.

Colour Styling – From $115 – $165 (plus tax)

All over colour with a few soft highlights on top. 

Partial Highlights – From $120 – $130 (plus tax)

Quarter head highlights, to frame face or brighten the top of head. 

Custom Highlights – From $160 – $190 (plus tax)

Half head highlights, to add movement and colour to any style. 

Deluxe Highlights – From $180 – $190 (plus tax)

Full head highlights used to change the colour of any style. 

Colour Correction – Price is dependent on consultation

A professional fix-up. Complete consultation mandatory. 

Toner Service – $55 – $60 (plus tax)

A toner refresh for existing colour. 

Solid Colour – $110 (plus tax)

A toner refresh for existing colour. 

Toner Application Add-On – $30 (plus tax)