Curly Hair Services

Curly & Creative - how it comes together


We understand that curly hair has a ‘mind of its own’, which requires different preparation and a customized individual approach.


Below, we have indicated important instructions to be followed, in order to achieve the best possible results for your curly cut. 


For best results, come well prepared. This way we can confidently guarantee that your cut will be a great success!

Curly Hair Types – see each picture for more information

In order to give you the best possible cut for your curls, there are some hair-prep requirements that you’ll need to follow. We’ve created a list of these requirements so that you’ll know ahead of time, how to come in on the day of your cut.

Keep in mind that our stylists will be dry-cutting based on the curl you come in with, so that we can enhance your natural curl. (As opposed to a manipulated/kinked curl created from pins or elastics).

  • Your hair must be completely down and dry. (Hair cannot be wet or damp)
  • Clarify cleanse, and detangle your hair the day before your appointment. (Sorting through tangled hair not only cuts into the appointment time, but also takes away from the relaxation aspect of your experience).
  • Hair can be worn as your regular look, including product, as long as there is minimal product (i.e oil or hard/strong-hold gels).
  • Two-day hair is acceptable, as long as it is not manipulated by pulling, hair elastics or pins. This means your hair cannot be tied up, in braids, and cannot have any sort of pins/clips, as they will manipulate your curl. 

While we understand that not having your hair pulled back before your appointment can be tricky, this is a crucial step to follow in order to give you the best possible cut.

Curly Creative Cut
This 75 to 90 minute service is designed for the curly haired client and includes a consultation, a dry free hand  cut, wash, and dry (natural).

Curly Maintain

This 30 minute service is for the client who has had a curly creative cut and wants to maintain the existing style.  A light trim on dry hair to reshape  and a fine-tune  the curls.

Drying Time

While your appointment books for 45-60 minutes, you’ll also have to allot for drying time on top of this. After we wash your hair, we will set your hair curly, and have you dry under a hood dryer or roller ball for 30-45 minutes. This mimics air-drying, and will create a look to show what your
natural curl will look like.