BossArts Testimonials

I visited BossArts for the first time and saw Kim for a colour and cut. I am writing to say that I am very happy with with my hair and, the overall experience at BossArts.

I had been looking for a new salon since the fall --after being a long time client at a local salon. I did a fair amount of research and came across BossArts and was intrigued (website, info, profiles). I\'m really glad that I followed my instincts and look forward to future visits. As for some feedback on my first experience:

Friendly, helpful service from start to finish (Alicia, Leah, Kim).
I like the environment - not pretentious; easy going, clean and calm.

Kim was great -- listened, asked questions, attention to detail and great service.
I love the cut and the colour! Thank you and I look forward to seeing her again.


I really enjoyed my experience. I really liked the stylist (Kim), the salon itself and the general ambiance of the place. It was my first time at BossArts. The head massage was great! Also, I have curly hair so Kim showed me how to style it. And finally the price was reasonable which is really important to me.

I will definitely be back!


I will surely recommend BossArt to my friends. I appreciated the excellent skills, products, punctuality, efficiency....everything!

Francesca F

Thank you for requesting feedback!

I spent time with Codie to have a mani-pedi done and I couldn’t be happier. She gave amazing hand and foot massages, was very professional and knowledgeable, was just as picky with my nails as I am and was so friendly! I will definitely be back to visit her for another mani-pedi in the near future and many more times!

Thanks again for the great Friday night and I look forward to coming back

Alicia Z

My rapport with my esthetician was excellent. The room in which she did my facial was comfortable for me and I enjoyed the music. Before I left Codie carefully wrapped my feet in plastic and applied my long socks so the polish would not be marred! I can happily report that on inspection after I arrived home that the nail polish was in perfect condition.
It was wonderful to have the cost of parking covered. The aambiance in the spa area was peaceful and quiet even though we were on a busy street.
Overall it was a relaxing and pleasant experience. I would recommend BossArts to friends.


Wonderful welcome. Your stylist Krystal was able to take me right away. I just walked into the salon without an appointment looking for someone to style my short hair. After taking my coat, Krystal asked if I would like a complimentary scalp and neck massage. Who wouldn\'t! Then the shampoo chair/bed was amazing. Best of all was the beautiful and sleek style that Krystal did with my coarse and wild hair.

Loved the entire experience. Would go back if I am ever in Ottawa again.

Lorraine C

Sonia was very sweet and listened to what I had to say. She was a very pleasant lady and made everything very comfortable for my first time, I will definitely be coming back to see her as soon as I can. The place looked great and everyone was very polite, I would definitely recommend this salon to my friends and I look forward to coming back.

Thank you for such a great experience.

Karen G

I had my hair cut by Andreja yesterday. I just wanted to share the excellent experience I had with her yesterday.

I have been struggling with dandruff my entire life, and have tried many remedies and seen many doctors to try and help me. In the past, I have seen hairdressers who seem disgusted by this, usually telling me that \"I should get that checked\" (like I haven\'t tried). Yesterday, Andreja was phenomenal. She washed my hair several times, used oil to moisturise and remove the dandruff from my scalp- and it worked!!! She was patient and kind in her approach and I was so impressed with her determination to try and solve this problem for me (which she did). I was so happy I could have cried.

Marissa K

I had such a great time at BossArts! I really liked the fact that it was a whole experience and not only a hair cut and blow dry.

The prices (in my opinion) are fantastic! I was expecting to pay a lot more for the services I got.
Furthermore, Bill really listened to what I wanted and made it happen. Andreja blow dried my hair amazingly and gave me advice on some colour I can put in my hair which I cannot wait to try! I will definitely be back to see her!

Katherine M

I had a wonderful experience at BossArts! As soon as I came in I was greeted by a super friendly and sweet receptionist, offered a drink ( I totally took her up on the wine!) and she took my coat. I had my eyebrows waxed with Quentin, who is so comfortable to be around and nice. She did an awesome job and for the first time in my life my skin was not super red and blotchy for 12 hrs after! Krystal took me almost right in for my hair appointment afterwards and gave me such a thorough consultation. She definitely wanted to make sure she understood exactly what I wanted and was very honest about what my hair needed. I also really appreciate that she left a lot of length even though my hair was in bad shape and she could have taken more off. She definitely got that I wanted it long but healthier. She spent a ton of time cutting my hair and gave me some awesome styling tips and also let me know about different style/colour options I could try in the future which was great. The products and massage were amazing and I can not stop touching and looking at my hair today, I just love it.

When I was leaving there was a different receptionist and she was also super nice, she told me to take my time to finish my wine and let her know if I had any questions about the products. Not pushy at all but certainly helpful.

The decor, smell, and general feeling of the spa and salon was lovely. I love that the two are separate and am really looking forward to booking a longer spa service in the near future. I will certainly re-book services with both Quentin and Krystal as I really appreciated their skill, the time they took with me, and their professionalism. Also, I really want to give a lot of credit to the front desk staff as they were all so pleasant, helpful, and friendly, both on the phone and in person.

I\'ve just had a lot of unpleasant spa/salon experiences and am so happy to have found such an awesome place. Thanks so much for a great evening, and I can\'t wait to come back!

Heather T